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WIP; acronym: "work in progress"

Unlike most bookshelves, these shelves contain only manuscripts. Unpublished works. Ideas. The stories found here are complete, yet unborn. They are dreams.

They have yet to be published.

Any inquiries regarding manuscripts should be directed to Nathaniel Free's agent



A vanished lover leads a boy on a desperate search to unearth Eden.


The temptation: Seth Banning has just reconnected with an old flame, Avalon Lo, the beautiful but off-limits daughter of a district judge. Despite her father’s disapproval or the impending restraining order, they plan to spend one last night together at the beach house.


“I knew what I was doing, I just didn't know what I was capable of.”


The fall: On the evening of their high school graduation, Avalon vanishes. Seth's only clue to finding her alive is a note scribbled hastily in an old copy of Paradise Lost. When his lawyer is murdered in cold blood, he has no choice but to go on the run from the law with Lilly Sumeria, a eugenicist who claims she can find the missing girl before it’s too late. Avalon was taken by a man known only as the Gardener, a man who will stop at nothing to protect a secret that was buried in Eden:


The human race is dying.


A rare mutation in Avalon’s DNA is the only cure. Seth is caught in the crossfire of a war that dates back to the extinction of the Neanderthals. To save the girl of his dreams, he must pick a side. No matter what he chooses, we all die.

This work has yet to be published.


 Step 1: Lock cat in underground bunker.

 Step 2: Place bomb inside bunker, to be triggered by radiation.

 Step 3: Add radioactive particle, and seal hatch.



On May 23, 1962, the world ended. We call it the Day of Reckoning. It’s a day we remember by asking ourselves what if?

What if there had been a blockade of Cuba, instead of an airstrike?

What if Lee Harvey Oswald had missed?

What if we’re not alone?

Kat was born in city-sized Cold War bunker called Hope. Her atomic city thrives on a caste system of numbers, where each number represents a parallel world. On the anniversary of the reckoning, Kat will learn how many different versions of her exist in the multiverse. This number will determine her future.

When Kat gets an impossible number, she thinks she’s won the social equivalent of the lottery. She can have it all: fame, fortune, and glamor. She doesn't know it yet, but that number is counting down to zero.

Every version of Kat in every universe is being killed, and she might be next. To stay alive, she must find a world where she didn't win the lottery, didn't date a movie star, and most importantly, didn't break Max Moore’s heart. She has to convince her high school sweetheart to follow her to the surface before it's too late. But when the hatch to their underground city is finally opened, Kat will learn the dark truth about her beloved City of Hope.

This work has yet to be published.



a Jack Mormon thriller


An assassin’s pre-Civil War pistol is stolen from one of the most secure places on earth—a doomsday vault embedded in a solid granite mountain near Salt Lake City, Utah. The vault and its mysterious contents belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, better known as "Mormons,” an indigenous American religion worth over $40 billion dollars, with 6.5 million members worldwide.

A prominent Mormon is running for President of the United States, but his political rival has issued an ultimatum: Drop out of the race in the next forty-eight hours, or the truth of the Mormon church’s blood-soaked early history will go public.

IThe Church seeks the help of Jack Parker, an elite Special Forces soldier from their disfellowshipped ranks to untangle the mystery of the Granite Mountain heist and retrieve the murder weapon at any cost.

Like Butch Cassidy, his outlaw-Mormon ancestor, Jack knows how to think like a criminal. With one foot in the shadows of espionage, and the other in the coffers of a global megachurch, he might be the only man with the wits and resources to solve a 200-year-old murder in time to stop a corrupt politician from claiming the U.S. Presidency.

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